For just about any mix of riders there's a pretty decent selection of riding here in Balquhidder that'll fill a day if you want, including:-

  • 5 x wild and natural downhill singletracks - The Bigfoot, Troll, Hobo, Hippy and Goblin.

  • A 1.1k rolling woodland singletrack called the Elf with a 600m B road uphill section that combines for a great 1.7k cross country loop.

  • 2 x 16-20k scenic mountain loop routes slightly further afield that take in a host of other ascents and descents with easier/harder routing options

Below you'll find descriptions, maps, videos, gradings and details of each singletrack trail and the two loops.

1. the BIGFOOT

Type: Hike-a Bike ascent with Downhill singletrack. Approx grade red.

Description: Located at the top of Kirkton Glen, the Bigfoot is the bottom 500m of the hill path that comes over from Glen Dochart into Kirkton Glen. We've done some work to cut back encroaching branches to keep this great singletrack rideable and christened it the Bigfoot. Most people ride this trail first as it is the highest of the trails and requires a hike. To access the trailhead pedal to the head of Kirkton Glen on the forest road and then push up the trail to the fence and stile. On a clear day when its very dry underfoot it's worth crossing the stile and pushing the extra 500m up to Irishman's Loch at the top for amazing views north and then the full 1k descent back into Kirkton Glen. Above the fence line it can get boggy in the wet but from the fence down it's a great, typical rocky hill descent.

  • Length: 0.5k from the stile or 1k from the loch

  • Vertical: 80m from the stile or 190m from the loch

  • 3-word trailhead location: valley.unstated.sings

  • Maps: Strava Trailforks

2. the TROLL

Type: Downhill singletrack. Approx grade red.

Description: Located on the east side of Kirkton Glen, just a short ride along the forest road from the end of the Bigfoot, the Troll is a tight trail with a few steeper and more challenging sections to keep you on your heels.

  • Length: 330m

  • Vertical: 53m

  • 3-Word Trailhead Location: marathon.owners.vandalism

  • Maps: Strava Trailforks

3. the HOBO

Type: Downhill singletrack. Approx grade red.

Trail Taster Video: Watch

Description: The Hobo is located on the west side of Kirkton Glen in the trees and has a fast and flowing main line, starting with a roll into the dark wooded "tunnel". Exit the tunnel across a burn and then start winding your way through the woods. There are also now a few good optional side lines with bigger drops.

  • Length: 400m

  • Vertical: 70m

  • 3-Word Trailhead Location: chopper.analogy.legroom

  • Maps: Strava Trailforks

4. the HIPPY

Type: Downhill singletrack. Approx grade red with some optional black features.

Trail Taster Video: Watch

Description: The Hippy is located on the east side of Kirkton Glen and has three sections, upper, mid and lower. The upper section drops into a loamy ride through woods and spits you out on a kicker next to the quarry. Then, once across the forestry road and onto the Mid Hippy, the trail becomes faster and a bit more flowy as you zig-zag over an old dyke line. Then across the second forestry track (where there's an optional diversion -see tips below) and into the Lower Hippy where it starts to get really fast over multiple log drops! Just before the end take a look at "Le Big Mac" a huge roll-able 2.5m boulder for those with the skills. Full-on + Fantastic!

Optional Diversion Tip: When you reach the second forestry road in between the mid and lower hippy, take a quick detour left 100m up the track to a small gate leading up to the Turic Rock viewpoint for a classic MTB photo!

  • Length: 1.01k

  • Vertical: 137m

  • 3-Word Trailhead Location: poker.spouting.straw

  • Maps: Strava Trailforks

5. the GOBLIN

Type: Downhill singletrack. Approx grade red with black consequences!

Trail Taster Video: Watch

Description: This trail is often the last that everyone rides, as it gets you back to the bottom of Kirkton Glen. The trailhead is easily found leading off the west side of the forestry up-track behind the church, just a short climb from the end of the Hippy. The Goblin has some knobbly and techy sections and offers a twisty line right next to a deep gorge. The riding is a what we'd describe as red grade with black consequences as there are serious implications if you ride off the edge of the cliff and into the gorge so, RIDE WITH CARE!

  • Length: 420m

  • Vertical: 55m

  • Grading: Red/Black

  • 3-Word Trailhead Location: upholding.rainwater.buzzing

  • Maps: Strava Trailforks

6. the ELF

Type: Rolling x/c singletrack. Grade red.

Description: The Elf is the name we have given to really enjoyable natural rolling 1.1k woodland trail that combines with the Glen Buckie B road 600m ascent to form a great natural cross country loop. It is located on the south side of the village hall, just 6 mins pedalling from the hall, up the Glen Buckie B road. The trailhead is located 30 metres before the cattle grid. This is a great ride to start a day at Balquhidder as you can easily pop back to your vehicle at the hall or church before the climb up into Kirkton Glen if you've forgotten something! Definitely worth a pedal with some challenging and tight features - will get your blood pumping.

  • Length: 1.7k (1.1k singletrack x/c + 600m B road climb)

  • Vertical: 43m

  • Grading: Red

  • 3-Word Trailhead Location: nozzle.boardroom.tinkle

  • Maps: Strava Trailforks


Type: 1.5-2hr Mountain Loop with easier or harder options.

Description: This loop takes you on a mix of B-roads, forest roads and optional singletrack round to Strathyre and back to Balquhidder. En-route there many options to stray off the forest road onto hill tracks, particularly in the Strathyre woods. The loop takes in the Ben Shian (actually spelt Ben an t-Sithean) summit and then the Broch Cafe in Strathyre and then Mhor84, both of which offer great food stops.

We will soon be posting new maps of the various routing options which have now changed from the previously posted routes due to new fences.

Length: 16km

  • Vertical: 2 x 400m descents

  • Grading: Blue+Red

  • 3-Word Trailhead Location: gobbling.slacker.partly

  • Maps: New ones coming!

8. THE 4 Glens 20k LOOP

Type: 1.5-2.5hr Mountain Loop An easy blue tour with some optional fun features along the way to play on.

Description: This is a very straightforward mountain ride with some great scenery, possibly some Golden Eagles and also a few things to play on, along the way... The loop takes you up Glen Kendrum, down Glen Dubh and into Glen Dochart where you turn right onto the old railway line that takes you back southwards through Glen Ogle to Mhor 84. This is a top way to end your day with some grub in Mhor 84 before riding back to the car in Balquhidder.

TopTip: Once you get to the top of Glen Kendrum you are at 600m. Up to your right is the summit of Craig Mac Ranaich where Golden Eagles can often be seen soaring. Also on a dry day try riding some of the flat slab in the Glen Dubh burn!

  • Length: 20km

  • Vertical: 1x 350m + 1x 100m

  • Grading: Blue

  • 3-Word Trailhead Location: coming

  • Maps: Strava Trailforks


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Here are a few videos from DMBins and various riders that offer a great flavour of all the Balquhidder singletrack trails.

A video from DMBinS about how to ride where there are horses. Please remember to:

  1. Slow Down

  2. Ask the horse rider for instruction

  3. Say thanks and wave

  4. Not be silent as this can spook a horse

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For more Balquhidder trail videos on youtube click here